Tools & Integration

Leadjet integrates with a list of enrichment and automation tools through an API key.

You can configure these integrations within your Leadjet Dashboard under "Tools & Apps". On this page, you will find tutorials on connecting each tool with Leadjet.

Email finder tools

If you don’t already use an email finder tool we offer 100 and 1000 email credits on our professional and enterprise packages respectively utilizing dropcontact.io.

If you already use an email finder tool, integrate it you use with Leadjet - so you don’t have to leave LinkedIn or have multiple extensions installed. Choose the tool that you currently use to see how to connect it to Leadjet.

You can also select whether you want the tool to search for phone numbers, email, or both.

Leadjet is the only integration on the market that works as an email cascading tool.

If you have multiple email tools connected to Leadjet through their API, we will go through them one by one, until we are successful in finding the contact.

This ensures maximum probability of finding the hidden professional contact details of your prospect. The more tools you connect, the more likely Leadjet will be to source the contact info.

Updated 23 Nov 2021
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