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The Notify outdated CRM Contacts feature is only available for our Professional and Enterprise users. You are also required to be a SalesNavigator user to be able to use it.

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LinkedIn offers a solution for sales teams called SalesNavigator, where users can do precise searches with over 15 search filters to pinpoint the target audience.

Leadjet works in SalesNavigator's interface the same way as it does on LinkedIn, with the added benefit of exporting lead lists in 1 click. Leadjet + SalesNavigator allows users to be 25x faster when exporting leads to the CRM solution.

The feature is limited to 100 contacts per day. This limit was set to prevent any abuse, and entice users to focus on prospect's qualification rather than quantity.

How to easily export Lead Lists to your CRM?

In Sales Navigator, go to your Lead Lists and select the one you would like to export.

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Click on Select All in the menu above the list. Then press the purple Export to CRM and wait for the list to be exported. It may take a while, be patient :)

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When the process is completed, you will notice that all of the contacts are now highlighted in purple, which means that they have been successfully added to your CRM.

How do I export lists from the Search page?

With Leadjet's newest update, you can even export lists from the Search page. This way, you can leverage SalesNav's powerful filtering capabilities to target and short-list the right leads for your business. Export the most relevant profiles to your CRM in no time.

Search page list export
Search page list export

For a quick tutorial, watch our helpful video:

Updated 12 Apr 2022
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