SalesNavigator Integration

Leadjet's offers full functionality on Sales Navigator. It is easy to navigate through them, as everything works in a similar manner to how it does on normal LinkedIn.

You do not need to take any actions to connect Leadjet to Sales Navigator: if you have a Leadjet subscription, then the tool will be automatically activated on SalesNavigator. To benefit from Leadjet's features, simply access your Sales Navigator account.

You can add contacts to your CRM with 1 click, no need to switch tabs!

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Your CRM contacts are highlighted in purple on Sales Navigator and you can visit their CRM profile directly from its' interface.

Leadjet displays their contact information, giving you the ability to edit fields without switching to your CRM, you can read more about it from Edit CRM Fields from LinkedIn

You have access to the Note Feature and Create Deals here as well. Keep track of deal stages and manage them directly on SalesNav.

When reaching out to a prospect on Sales Navigator, you have the option to synchronize conversations with your CRM, and utilize the Message Templates and @Message Sync features - the same way you would if talking to someone on LinkedIn.

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