Pricing Plans

To consult our pricing plans, head to the Pricing Page on our website.

Leadjet currently offers 3 pricing plans and you can choose to be billed monthly or yearly.

Here you will also be able to compare the pricing plans against different criteria:**

  • productivity essentials
  • time-saving essentials
  • data hygiene
  • custom configuration
  • support

Who is the Basic plan for?

You are engaged in sales on LinkedIn: sourcing prospects, making connections, nurturing relationships. You are looking for an easier and quicker way to transfer your prospect's contact information to your CRM.

With our Basic Plan, you will be able to easily Add LinkedIn contacts to CRM and see your CRM contacts highlighted in purple on LinkedIn. The CRM profile of your prospects will be visible on top of the LinkedIn interface - on top of a prospect's profile.

To make recording your conversations in the CRM easier, we provide you with the message sync feature that will send this information to your CRM directly. You can also benefit from using smart message templates, allowing you to draft and reuse messages.

To learn more about the features Leadjet offers, consult this page.

This plan is right for you if your sales cycle mostly involves LinkedIn.

However, if you would like to boost your efficiency by finding undisplayed professional emails of your prospects or having your conversations synced automatically, opt for the Professional Plan.

Who is the Professional plan for?

If you feel that your sales cycles scopes outside of LinkedIn (e.g. you also send out emails to prospects) and is omnichannel, then you should consider opting for the Professional Plan.

You will also benefit from this plan if you feel that your sales pipeline is quite large and you are contacting a large number of people. This plan will help you find professional emails of prospects that may not be available in their LinkedIn through Dropcontact, as it offers you 100 email finder credits per month.

To make your sales flow even smoother, use our auto-sync message feature - no need to click "sync message" every time!

If you are a SalesNavigator user, you will be able to export Lead Lists directly to your CRM in 1 click.

This plan will also enable you to get notified of any changes and outdated contacts in your CRM. The auto-update feature, which will keep your CRM database clean and up-to-date, filtering out irrelevant contact information.

If you are a Salesforce user, you will have the ability to bridge the gap between LinkedIn, SalesForce, and SalesLoft.

If you would like to have even more email-finding credits and have a dedicated support team, check out our Enterprise plan.

Who is the Enterprise plan for?

If you are satisfied with the features our Professional Plan offers, but feel like your sales reach is very broad, consider our Enterprise plan.

If you find yourself and your team reaching out to a very large number of prospects, you can benefit from the 1000 email finder credits per month!

This plan also provides you with a dedicated account manager, whom you can contact at any time for support or any issues that may arise.