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Prospecting on LinkedIn sometimes involves sending similar messages over and over again (changing your recipient's first name, last name, or company name).

Leadjet developed a feature that would allow the user to create, reuse, and share message Templates with teammates.

Message Templates can be inserted into any LinkedIn conversation with a click of a button or through preset shortcuts.

The smart Template will also soon identify which template yields the highest reply rate. You can also share the most effective templates with your colleagues to help your entire team close more sales.

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Creating a template

To create your first template, click on the {} symbol in the bottom menu of the conversation window with your prospect.

Click Add a template, set a name for it, and enter the message you would like to save as a draft.

Write your templated message. You can use placeholders like {first_name}, {last_name}, {company_name}. They will be replaced by your recipient's information when you use the template later on.

To further increase your efficiency, you have the option to add a shortcut, so that you don't have to scroll through the list of your templates later.

You can color-code the templates too. Select the desired color and press Add to save the template.

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Using the template

There are two ways to access your template.

  1. Click the {} symbol in the bottom menu of the message window. Choose the template you need from your library.
  2. If you defined a shortcut, simply write /<your shortcut> in the conversation panel and hit space and the templated message will appear.

Sharing a template with your team

There is an option to share a template you've created with your team members. To do that, click on the template {} function to display your list of templates. Select the template you wish to share and click on the three dots to enter editing mode.

Select a template you wish to share
Select a template you wish to share

In the editing window, click on the circle with the "link" symbol, next to the template's name. The "link" symbol will turn purple. Then hit "Save". Voila, your template has been shared.

Click on the "link" symbol close to the name
Click on the "link" symbol close to the name

P.S. To unshare it, perform the same actions and disactivate sharing. The "link" symbol will be grey.

Pro tip:

You can access more Leadjet features directly from the message panel: sync conversations and add labels to your contacts.

To learn how to use message templates, check out our video tutorial:

Updated 08 Apr 2022
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