Invite team members

If you want to add team members to your Leadjet account, this can be done in your dashboard.

Make sure you are the account admin to add team members.

Navigate to your Leadjet Dashboard and select Team in the Settings menu.

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Click on the purple +Invite button to add a team member.

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A pop-up window will appear, and you will be asked to enter the email of a person you would like to invite. Click Invite.

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An email invitation will be sent out to your colleague. When they open the email, they will need to simply click the purple Join My Team On Leadjet button.

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They will be redirected to the Chrome Store, where they can install the Leadjet extension. Once they do so, their email will be automatically added as a team member.

P.S. If they already have Leadjet installed, we suggest that they reinstall the extension.

Updated 21 Jun 2022
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