Getting an error message when trying to connect to my CRM?

You can check out the required permissions and solutions for common problems from Issues connecting to my CRM

Can Leadjet support multiple CRM's at the same time?

For the moment it's not possible to link Leadjet with more than one CRM if your CRM accounts use the same email.

However, if your email is the same for your two CRMs you'll need to change one of them (please contact us for that, it requires manual intervention on our side).

If you have two different emails, then you just need to connect with the related mail address every time.

Is there a way to use Leadjet on mobile?

Leadjet being a Google Chrome extension, only works on PCs and is therefore unfortunately not compatible with the LinkedIn app on cell phones for the moment.

I don't have Linkedin Premium, can I use Leadjet?

Absolutely. Leadjet works with every type of LinkedIn account.

Does Leadjet work with LinkedIn 'Sales Navigator'?

Yes, our extension also works on top of LinkedIn 'Sales Navigator'.

What is the difference between "Add as Contact" and "Add as Lead"?

Contacts and Leads are two different CRM objects, leads usually referring to freshly found prospects, while contacts are qualified relations. For now, Leadjet only supports "Add as Contact". The "Add as Lead" will be included in the next updated version of Leadjet. For more information about terminology, you can read more here Introduction

Can Leadjet find and enrich emails?

We are currently relying on Dropcontact to find details of prospects. It's available for a price up. However, our added value, intended for bigger enterprise accounts, is to also be able to link Leadjet to any of your email enrichment providers (Dropcontact, Hunter, Skrapp, Kendo, ...). Leadjet takes care of querying the different providers until we get a result. You can take advantage of this enrichment feature when you click on "Reveal" on a LinkedIn profile. Simply grab your e.g. Hunter API key, put it on your dashboard, and you're all set! You can detailed instructions on how to do this from Tools & Integration page.

Getting a looping spin wheel when I add a contact to my CRM?

Please try uninstalling Leadjet and reinstalling the latest version from the chrome store here.

I was invited by my team to Leadjet but I cannot join?

If your account is linked to your personal email does not exist yet if it is the very first time you're joining.

You can check out how to correctly setup Leadjet from Issues connecting to my CRM

Manually edited CRM fields on LinkedIn are not being saved

After you manually enter the email, you need to click 'enter' or on the ✔ tick next to the email to validate the input.

Can't find prospects' emails

Leadjet is not an enrichment tool, we rely on Dropcontact to perform the enrichment, they have a pretty good success rate, especially for European leads.

You can also plug other tools by following the instructions here Tools & Integration, such as Hunter or Lusha in Leadjet and we will use these credits instead!

Snovio & Lusha is good for US prospects from what we can tell.

You may also combine multiple ones, as we offer email finder tool cascading.

How to handle Pipedrive administrative privileges issue?

What you need to do, is have an admin connected to Leadjet just once, so that Leadjet can create the custom activity type it uses to store the conversations.

Once it's done, everyone in the team will be able to synchronize messages at will. For further instructions please refer to this Pipedrive

Why isn't Leadjet working with the basic plan of Copper?

Unfortunately, the most basic plan from copper does not include API access, which is required for Leadjet to work.

We would be happy to continue having you onboard if you choose to continue with a higher plan of Copper or move to another supported CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce, or Pipedrive).

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Updated 25 Apr 2022
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