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How does contact enrichment work?

Leadjet relies on Dropcontact to find emails and phone numbers of your prospects.

Credits show you how many enrichments you can perform/ Here is a video showing how are email credits used.

The basic plan does not include credits, however, the Professional and Enterprise plans (click here) are giving you 1000 credits respectively each month.

If you did not use all credits within a month, it would be brought over to the next month on top of the additional new credits that you will get that month.

To avoid reporting personal emails that Leadjet can find instead of professional ones, toggle the corresponding settings in the dashboard to ignore them.

For bigger enterprise accounts, Leadjet can also be Linked to any of your email enrichment providers (Dropcontact, Hunter, Skrapp, Kendo, ...).

Leadjet takes care of querying the different providers until we get a result. You can take advantage of this enrichment feature when you click on "Reveal" on a LinkedIn profile. Simply grab your e.g. Hunter API key, put it on your dashboard, and you're all set! You can check out how to do that from here Tools & Integration

How to find verified emails of prospects?

Once a contact is added, the ability to enrich email addresses is accessible from the “Find email information“ button. Leadjet sends the necessary information to an email enrichment tool, automatically brings back the result, and adds it into the users CRM without any human intervention in the process.

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For a quick tutorial, watch our helpful video: 

Updated 21 Jun 2022
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