Now that you have downloaded the Leadjet extension, it is time to connect it to Copper. To make your life easier, Leadjet will guide you through the entire process from its welcome panels. Just follow these simple steps to set everything up smoothly.

Unfortunately, the most basic plan from copper does not include API access, which is required for Leadjet to work.

We would be happy to continue having you onboard if you choose to continue with a higher plan of Copper. To onboard Сopper here are the steps:

Make your CRM work on LinkedIn

Step 1. Once installed, Leadjet will open LinkedIn for you. A welcome message will pop up, and you will need to click on “Get Started!”.

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Make sure to check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before agreeing to them.

Step 2. Next, select Copper as your CRM.

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Step 3. A new window will pop up, asking you to input your API key and Email address,

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Step 4. You will need to login to your copper account go to settings --> Integrations --> API keys --> Generate API key once generated copy and paste email and API key into the corresponding places in the Leadjet onboarding panel.

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Step 5. Benefit from the free trial!

A new window will pop up, confirming the CRM account to which LinkedIn will be linked. Click on “Continue to the App”.

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Great, you’re all set! Now you can start your 14-days free trial by clicking “Let’s Go” in the pop-up window.

Throughout your trial period, we suggest you test out the tool to its full extent, so that you know all the features and can already see some improvements in your daily workflow!

To help you with this, Leadjet will show some pop-up notifications inviting you to try out what the tool has to offer. For a fully immersive experience, be sure to follow them! You can also earn credits that can later be used to find professional emails on LinkedIn!

Confirming the CRM account to which LinkedIn will be linked. Click on “Continue to the App”.

How may I connect Leadjet with Copper via API keys (for teams)?

If you're unsure how to connect API keys for Copper, follow these steps:

  • Give a temporary admin status to your team members in Copper
  • Each team member needs to generate their own API key and connect with Leadjet
  • Once everyone is connected, the main admin can switch back the team memeber's status in Copper

Your team is set!

Updated 23 Jun 2022
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