Conversation synchronization

Once you click on sync messages all the conversation will get synced with your CRM. This button appears at the bottom of the conversation panel only if you have contact present in your CRM.

If you are on our Professional or Enterprise plan we will auto-sync your conversations. However, if you are on our Basic plan then you would need to press on sync every time you send a new message.

Leadjet also offers our Message Templates feature for all our users!

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Where does Leadjet sync a message in my CRM?

The LinkedIn conversations are grouped by day when added to the contact's profile. The content of the conversation is available in the activity's details and this way, you can have it directly in the timeline.

We use "activities" because it fits the needs of most of our users. In the same way, you have the default activities "Phone Call", "Meeting", "Email", you now have the activity "LinkedIn Conversation", making it more traceable. All the messages sent within one day are reported as one LinkedIn Conversation in your CRM.

For Hubspot users, you can change where messages are being sent to inside your CRM either in the notes or email panel from your Leadjet dashboard.

How does it work?

With a click of a button ("sync with CRM") on the message panel, Leadjet automatically moves all your conversations into your CRM and updates it automatically in the background.

Is the sync fully automatic?

Automatic background synchronization of messages is not something Leadjet can do, unfortunately.

However, if you're using the Pro package, You would have to open the conversations for them to be auto-synced. At least, using the Pro package, you don't have to press "sync" for every new message. The conversation will be synced when you open the chat.

If you're on a basic plan, then make sure to press "sync" every time you have a new interaction.

For a quick tutorial, watch our helpful video: